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Heuer Autavia GMT

Ref. 2446 circa 1969





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circa 1969

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steel, snap-on back, signed on the inside, 20mm. compression squared-off bevelled lugs.


very lovely, very slightly ghosted ‘Pepsi' GMT bezel


Beautiful condition, with 3 white subsidiaries with black painted sub hands, black main dial signed AUTAVIA HEUER GMT, original ‘brown' lume markers.


Original steel matchstick hour and minute hands with original lume inserts, original thin red chronograph hand and red arrowhead GMT hand with original brown lume end.


Vajoux 724, manual wind, signed Heuer-Leonidas SA


Beautiful Gay Frères steel double Beads of Rice bracelet stamped HLB 3-69


The watch can be bought with or without the bracelet. This is one of the best 2446c GMT Heuers you are ever likely to see - a superb example, priced very competitively. It has a very gently fading GMT bezel; often these bezels are ghosted so much that the colouring has almost disappeared - 99% of those examples with pristine colours have replacement bezels - one like this, with faded yet still vibrant colours, is a very rare find. The dial is absolutely perfect and untouched since the day it was made – the lume plots are all original and have that lovely ‘brown' ageing – so many of these dials have been re-lumed, which is fine but it's so rare to find one with these colours in original condition. Perhaps even rarer is the Gay Frères bracelet, which is being offered as an option with this watch, the HLB GF double BOR is an almost impossible bracelet to buy - unless one is prepared to do irreparable damage to one's piggy bank – current market value is $5-6K!