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Ben Wright Vintage Watches

Ben Wright Vintage Watches

In 1985, as an auctioneer with Christie’s, I cut my teeth cataloguing wristwatches and pocket watches, and ever since I have collected vintage wristwatches, albeit in a very small way.

When my attention was drawn to vintage Heuer wristwatches, I realised, as I hope you will, that this is a fascinating collectors’ market with enormous potential.

Some facts about the Vintage Heuer market

  1. Vintage Heuer is today a woefully undervalued market
  2. It has a brilliant Formula 1 Racing history, linked to famous racing drivers like Joe Siffert, Gilles Villeneuve, Jochen Rindt, Nikki Lauda, and more recently, Lewis Hamilton.
  3. The models are varied, colourful and exciting to wear. Not everyone has one, but everyone seems to have a Rolex.
  4. The recent publication Heuer Autavia chronographs 1962-1985 by Richard Crosthwaite and Paul Gavin brilliantly outlines the famous Autavia models and is now the Heuer collectors’ ‘bible’.
  5. Some of the rarer Autavias are directly compared to Rolex – particularly the Daytona. But whilst the Daytona’s were made large quantities, by comparison vintage Heuers were made in tiny batches.
  6. The collecting fraternity are always looking for a new undervalued up-and-coming market – Heuer fits the bill.

Market Place, Tetbury

Market Place, Tetbury

I am always delighted to show off my stock of beautiful Watches and Clocks, but to avoid missing me please call in advance to arrange an appointment as I am often away sourcing clocks & watches for clients. I am equally happy to visit clients if that is more convenient. I always enjoy talking to anyone with an interest in horology, so please email or ring if you would like a chat.



My first contact with the art world was when I joined Christie's Auction House in 1986. I started off as a porter but it wasn't long before watches and clocks caught my imagination and that soon turned into a life long passion. Within a year I was offered a position as a Junior Cataloguer in the clock and watch department and then I later became the Head of the Department. For the ensuing 15 years I had a wonderful time travelling the world, with unrivalled access to all of the greatest private collections.

I also became an Auctioneer, taking clock and watch sales in London, New York, Geneva, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

I was a great ride, but at the end of the day, I felt the need to put my money where my mouth was, and here I am now.

Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow

In 2000 I was asked to join the team at BBC's Antiques Roadshow. I was extremely flattered to be asked and for the first few years it was a steep learning process. The team on the Roadshow is very professional, not just the Specialists, but also the Directors, the Camera crew and even the guys who fetch and carry and drive the lorries. It’s one big happy family.

The question I get asked most frequently is "Do you know in advance what's going to be at each Roadshow?" The answer is emphatically "No". The spontaneity that you see sitting in your armchairs is 100% genuine!

Most of the items that show up at each venue are ordinary pieces worth £5 to £500, but that's never disappointing because we get to meet such interesting people, many of whom have been queuing for hours just to see a Specialist like myself. What I say in front of the camera I usually compose about 5 minutes before getting in front of the camera – but in truth that’s the easy part - the difficult part is accomplished in the editing suite where the editors clip together the best bits to try and make us look good for you to enjoy on Sunday evenings!